I am a person who lives and remembers in images and movement. Story is second to me. I remember and meditate on a performed gesture, the way light falls across the floor, and intonation of the voice. These are the lasting details that form my interpretation creating an afterimage in my memory as if from the flash of a Polaroid.

I seek a challenge in both life and my work. For me, there is always a goal, but also improvisation, room for deviation and foggy stumbling.  I know and equally do not know.  Every exploration is an opportunity for discovery.  The process evolves the line of questioning, shaping the effort behind the project. 

My story begins like many others’, taking dance classes and borrowing equipment to make video parodies of the media I consumed. Technique derived through emulation could only take my curious mind so far. Not satisfied with tradition, I constantly question the why and how behind choreographic and cinematographic choices leading to experimentation with the forms. I am a person who is open to becoming aware of what I do not know. Graduate school at Chapman University (film) and UCLA (dance) helps shape my artistic position. As I now participate in the empowerment of up and coming creators, I share the traditions, the practices with transparency of context and history. The changing climate of industry and art is trending toward valuing works unique in voice. Narratives previously guessed at by outsiders are reclaimed and told from a place of lived experience. Personal work may not be the descriptor for everyone’s work, but the exploration and excavation required to face your own circumstance is one that poises an artist to develop their personal voice. Listening and responding, whether to the moment or to a movement develops a sensitivity required to create from a place of authenticity.

On the topic

My work eschews slickness in favor of provocative seams that tease with the sighting of an occasional loose thread. Often dealing with awkward and difficult-to-categorize forms, the work lives in its own liminal reality, like a dream or thought. This liminal space feels like a reference to the ephemeral quality of live performance. Video and film mediums are inherently fixed documentations of a once present moment. Through the technique of design and editing, a viewer’s experience can have a transformed effect reflecting the changed individual as they return to the material. This is magic and I believe in its power.

Some Venues & Screenings

Laguna Art Museum, Fowler Museum, Vista Theater LA, Live Arts LA, StudioADance, Pieter PASD, Electric Lodge, Melrose Lightspace, Highways Performance Space, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, MixMatch Dance Festival, San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Greensboro Dance Film Festival, UNDER_the_RADAR Festival and Conference, Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, Big Bear International Film Festival, Show-Me Missouri International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival (choreographer), Los Angeles Movement Arts CATALYST, UCLA Hothouse Residency, American College Dance Festival, Chapman University, Missouri State University

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