I am proud of so much of the work that students have produced in the classes I have had the pleasure to teach. Works included below comprise collaborative works made in the context of a semester or quarter-long course.

Welcome, Sam

In the Spring of 2020, I taught a collaborative filmmaking course at the University of Tennessee. Students of varied experience levels (and different majors) developed, produced, filmed, and delivered a short film. While an ambitious undertaking for a single semester, this endeavor proved most challenging with classes and our post-production process transitioning to a virtual format in response to lockdown. Despite the challenges, the students persevered and completed the 24-minute film that later screened at the 2020 Knoxville Film Festival. To learn more about this project, click the “To Website” button below.

Dance Room

This is the UCLA World Arts & Cultures | Dance C180/280 Dance for Camera class project. The video screened at UCLA’s Culture Crossing Winter 2016. Students composed their own movement sequences and formed small groups. Then students collaborated on the adaptation of choreography, shot design, and lighting of their scene together. Those not performing in the scene served as crew during production. The piece uses the idea of exquisite corpse to structure what might be considered assemblage video.

Untitled Experiment

This is an exploration of the architecture of space and texture of sound composing with three student performers at UCLA. This effort marks a departure from working with any structured narrative during the rehearsal process. It is also the first project in which student learning was integrated into my process of making screendance. The course was designed as a laboratory in which I could develop material while testing pedagogical approaches to teaching screendance.

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