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Pretty Little Dance is a dance film co-directed by Victoria Marks and Heather Coker Hawkins. Choreographed by Victoria Marks and performed by Alexx Shilling, this film is a reimaging of a live performance work. The film premiered at the 2021 San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema in September. Website.

Practice is a 1-minute film repurposing a scene from the short film Pumercial. The focus of this film is repetition, accumulation, the body in performance of sport (particularly discus throwing), and satisfaction. The original film, Pumercial, explores the concepts of appropriating sports movement into dance, branding, and failure.

The One Who Wears Red is a short narrative film in conversation with Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz. This narrative differs in that it follows the struggle of a middle-aged woman in search of her self despite a full slate of assumed roles. The pressures of life and loved ones fuel and confuse emotions leading to droll scenes of dysfunction. With this project, the interests were choreographing bodies in space and on screen. The choreography of camera movement was planned in concert with the movement, not after scene blocking.

This is a video document. Here Lies Frank is a live dance piece with video projection. The piece is a critical homage to filmmaker Sergio Leone, composer Ennio Morricone, and cinematic sound design. Unfortunately, the live foley artist is not visible in this video.

This is a video document. Pretty Good for a Girl is a live dance piece with integrated video projection. Concepts explored are women athletes, dominant representations of femininity, expectation and limitation. Artist inquiry: how can I create a trio using 1 performer and 2 screens?

This is a video document. Say Uncle is a live dance and video projection performance. This piece explores embodied grief and memory. It uses false narrative, sound, and juxtaposition to challenge perception.

RightHand is a short film that uses movement, camera, and location to explore the term right-hand while experimenting with cinematographic idiom and discontinuity. This film complicates as much as it pieces together fragmented narrative told in voice over, sometimes synchronized with movement, implying ritual through repetition.

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