2022 Exhibit

About the Exhibit

Monitor 1: (smaller monitor)

A video introduction to the exhibit that sets the tone inviting participant interaction during the run of the exhibit. 

Monitor 2: 

Gravity Wins is the newest video dance work filmed a few weeks ago and currently being completed. This piece appears to be a solo; however, I would argue that it is a lifelong duet with gravity. (Screendance) 

Pretty Little Dance is a screendance made with collaborators Vic Marks and Alexx Shilling. It screened at the 2021 San Souci Dance Festival of Dance Cinema in September. (Screendance) 

K.M.A. is a dance film collaboration with Elizabeth Tershur and Herbbie Moore. The film explores themes of group and individual power dynamics and othering demonstrated through performance of movement scores and composition of screen space. (Screendance) 

Monitor 3: 

Here Lies Frank was made possible through the UCLA Hothouse Residency and later produced by Los Angeles Movement Arts in the Diavolo performance space. It is a live dance piece with video projection. The piece is an exploration of the illusion of the American Dream and its complicated role in westward expansion as depicted by filmmaker Sergio Leone, composer Ennio Morricone, and Foley sound designers. (Video Document of live work) 

Brother is a collaborative movement score performed live by Sarah Leddy and myself at Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles. Our exploration involved site specific performance designed to capture and portray the essence of our relationships with the brother figures in our lives. (Video Document of live work) 

Rite of Spring is a short screendance included in Sacre/ilège(s), an international omnibus project commemorating the first centenary of Igor Stravinsky’s composition. This project screened at the International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne (France). (Screendance) 

Invitation to a Conversation

Week 3: Controversial notions

(A long delayed entry. This is an accurate reflection of how life can become pressing AND it is still important to make time for your art practice.) I had a conversation with an architecture student who said they had some controversial ideas about what architecture could be. That is great! “It” (Art, Architecture, Life]) can be what you want it to be, what you need it to be, what it…

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Week 2 : How do you begin?

[A human figure reaches and bends toward the ground. Making contact with the earth, their hand scoops a respectable sample of soft crumbling dirt into a mound. Repeating this movement becomes a rhythmic practice. There is diligence to keep adding until something else captures awareness and shifts intention. Once a dirt pile is of suitable accumulation, presence, resemblance, it satisfies the moment. Some dirt continues to fall from their fingertips…

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Ask a Question 🙂

This is my invitation to you to have a conversation. I welcome questions including those pertaining to process, work, video, dance… If you are not sure, ask and I will do my best to answer or pose a new question back to you. Maybe we can figure it out together. This invitation is born out my desire to connect with people which is probably stronger than ever after these past…

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Week 1 in sum

Thank you for stopping by if you were one of the generous people to engage in conversation with me last week. I had a delightful time sharing stories and perspective from the experiences I have had so far. I am summarizing a few of the answers to some questions below: Is this yoga? Quick answer: No, not really. After some thought: Yoga means “union”. What I do is absolutely yoga–the…

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Day 1

I was asked if I am a performance artist today. Great question. My reply was that I make dance and video and sometimes it might manifest into something that might resemble performance art. I have never claimed the title of performance artist before because I never considered my lineage of training to be inclusive of this. That is, until I began reflecting on the lessons of inclusivity that were imparted…

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