Week 3: Controversial notions

(A long delayed entry. This is an accurate reflection of how life can become pressing AND it is still important to make time for your art practice.)

I had a conversation with an architecture student who said they had some controversial ideas about what architecture could be. That is great!

“It” (Art, Architecture, Life]) can be what you want it to be, what you need it to be, what it wants to be (when you listen closely enough to follow the thread).

I have struggled and still do to define my work, myself. Labeling things helps other people to understand them. It feels good to be understood but it does not always serve your intention if the purpose of what you are attempting is unsettlement, action, or at least an activated viewer/participant. Things may feel out of place or just something the audience has never encountered before (which can be discomforting) but it is not wrong–just different and there is a place for it. I believe there is a place for every artist in this world whether they ever receive this message or not. (I hope you do receive this message from someone, at some point–especially from yourself.)

It is ok for your work to be easily recognizable and defined without deliberation. It is also ok to create works that puzzle people–not knowing what purpose it serves or form it takes. It is in the discovery through exploration and nuance of intention that you find what differentiates you from the next artist.

-written April 11, 2022 @ 6:44 am

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